On this page you will find the secondary school collective worship resources to help educate your pupils about modern slavery. Through these collective worships your pupils will explore freedom through ideas such as greed, hope, protection and activism in order to work together and create a slave-free world.

Below are images from the presentations to give you an idea of our style! The collective worships include some interaction with the pupils and are designed to help them understand the issue, without scaring or worrying them.

Click the button to download each day. The zip file includes the presentation and the notes you need to run the session.

These sessions are designed to run for a week, this can be in Freedom Week (the week around anti-slavery day on 18th October) or any other week that suits you! Below, there is a single collective worship that can be used on its own.


Only have one day to look at modern slavery with your school? No problem! Here is a single session modern slavery assembly for secondary schools that covers what modern slavery is, how it does impact our lives and how we can all be agents of change. The ‘Freedom Week’ collection of collective worships could also be very easily adapted to use on their own.