How to use these resources

The resources have been designed to be simple for teachers to access and use. Lesson plans are organised by key stage, with each able to be delivered on its own, or as part of a trio of lessons. They are easy to use, with notes explaining how each lesson works, and all the extra materials like slide shows and worksheets already provided.

The Collective Worship materials are also organised by age. There is one set which is designed to be used during a ‘Freedom Week’ at secondary and primary level, with content for each day.

Key Stage 1

Freedom Lesson

Modern slavery starts with vulnerable individuals having their freedom taken away. This lesson helps children understand their freedom and what it means to be free. The lesson also introduces them to their identity and the importance of who they are.

Superheroes Lesson

Children are the next generation who will be making the world a better place. We can all be superheroes. This lesson helps children to think about what sort of activities someone good could do in the world to become SUPER.

Fair Pay and Slavery Lesson

Modern slavery has somehow become a part of our lives, something many have accepted. How would we feel if we were treated the way slaves are? This lesson helps children understand the worth of a job, and the value of themselves.

Key Stage 2

Invisible Slavery Lesson

This lesson helps children understand that they are a very important part of the fight against slavery. It introduces, through history, how slavery adapted over the years and what it looks like today. It includes a focus on the idea that today, modern slavery is often ‘hidden behind closed doors’ but also can be seen on our streets ‘hidden in plain sight’.

Protection and Trust Lesson

This lesson considers stories of children held in modern slavery in the UK. The cases are based on true stories and will inspire children to stay safe, whilst not scaring or shocking them. In each scenario the children are protected and rescued, showing children who they can turn to when they are worried or in danger.

A Slave Free World Lesson

This lesson plan is a great way to encourage children to see a future without any form of slavery. The Clewer Initiative and Just Enough Group believe that we can have a slave free world. Children in this lesson will write a newspaper article about how the world managed to achieve just that!

Key Stage 3

Urban Modern Slavery - UK Lesson

In a city, there are large numbers of people living closely together. Many do not know that there may be slaves in close proximity to their home and their streets. If we can identify them, and know what to look out for we can protect our areas and our communities. 

Rural Modern Slavery - UK Lesson

This lesson looks at examples of modern slavery in the UK, with a focus on rural areas. It will consider the causes, impacts and outcomes of these situations. This lesson looks at the story of Darrell Simester and the Cockle Picker Disaster of 2004.

Modern Slavery Around the World Lesson

Modern slavery happens in every country, including the UK. This lesson helps the class understand what modern slavery looks like around the world. It uses the Global Slavery Index to consider just how widespread the problem is. This lesson includes critical decision making for the pupils as they come up with a proposal/plan for combating slavery worldwide.  

Key Stage 4

A Better Life Lesson

Often those in modern slavery will be convinced that they have been offered an opportunity for a better life. This lesson looks at why someone may be convinced to go abroad, including from the UK, and what we can do to help stop this. It also helps pupils realise what sorts of decisions they may have to make themselves when they are offered opportunities that should be questioned. 

A Slave Free World 2.0

This lesson is a discussion heavy lesson that helps pupils consider what a slave free world is and the philosophy behind why we should join the effort to contribute towards one. Modern slavery exists in every country and yet often it seems as though it is not a part of our lives. This lesson encourages us to consider how our lives are impacted by slavery and what to do about it.

Supply Chains Lesson

It has somehow become the norm to accept that at some point, modern slavery will have been involved in the making of our clothes, devices, food, or simply anything we buy or own. How far back do we have to go to be ‘ethical’? This lesson shows what different companies are doing to help in the fight against modern slavery, and how our consumer choices can make a massive difference.  

Key Stage 5

Stories to freedom lesson

How much has really changed since slavery was legal? This lesson looks at the person behind the word ‘slave’. What did they go through and how many different ways did they find their freedom? There is no easy way out of slavery (of any kind) and each case is different. This lesson encourages pupils to consider slavery throughout history, including in today’s world.

Slavery Gameshow Lesson

This lesson is based on the hit TV show ‘the Million Pound Drop’. Teams will try to answer questions on modern slavery. These questions are designed to lead pupils into a deeper understanding of the topic. It is a great introduction to slavery in the UK and encourages them to question statistics and report to find deeper meaning in the modern world of slavery. 

The Sinister Side Lesson

This lesson looks into how cases of prostitution around the world, including the UK and Europe, are not as clear cut as can often be thought. The sex trade, even in areas where it is legal, still involves many women who are not in the trade by choice. Often they might have been offered a job, or a better life, or can even be kidnapped to work in a ‘legal’ sex shop in towns and cities such as Amsterdam.